A01: Dietetic Technician, Clinical

Conducts nutrition screening and routine assessments. Coordinates menu selections with diet order. Develops and implements nutrition care plans for assigned patients. Provides individualized or group nutrition education.

Monitors quality and accuracy of food served to patients.

A02: Clinical Dietitian

Performs comprehensive nutrition assessments. Develops and implements nutrition care plans. Provides medical nutrition therapy and nutrition education. May coordinate and supervise activities of DTRs and students.

Clinical Dietitian, Specialist

In addition to the duties described for the Clinical Dietitian, provides medical nutrition therapy for inpatients in a specialty area (devotes more than 50% of time to this specialty):


C01: Clinical Dietitian, Long Term Care

Develops and implements nutrition care plans for residents. Documents progress and recommendations. Provides nutrition education for residents, families, and staff. May consult with foodservice staff on food preparation, service, and delivery. May provide services as a consultant to more than one facility or be employed by single facility.

C02: Dietetic Technician, Long Term Care

Performs nutrition screening and routine assessments, and provides basic nutrition care. Monitors resident satisfaction and tolerance of meals. May monitor food production and meal service.



A03: Bariatrics A04: Cardiac

A05: Developmental disorders A06: Diabetes

A07: Eating disorders A08: HIV/AIDS


A15: Pediatric/Neonatal Dietitian


A09: Oncology A10: Psychiatric A11: Renal

A12: Substance abuse A13: Surgery

A14: Transplant


D01: Instructor/Lecturer

Teaches undergraduate and/or graduate courses in food and nutrition related to area of expertise. May participate in research and service.

D02: Assistant Professor

Teaches undergraduate and/or graduate courses in food and nutrition related to area of expertise. Advises graduate and undergraduate students. Directs graduate student thesis/dissertation research. May conduct nutrition or food-


Performs nutrition assessments and consults for pediatric patients. Develops,

implements, and monitors effectiveness of age-appropriate nutrition care plans. Provides nutrition counseling and education.

A16: Nutrition Support Dietitian

Obtains and interprets nutrition assessment data to triage critically ill patients. Develops and implements individualized nutrition support care plans. Monitors nutritional status of patients receiving nutrition support.



B01: Outpatient Dietitian, General

Assesses the nutritional health of outpatients. Develops and implements individualized care plans. Provides nutrition education to individuals and groups.

Outpatient Dietitian, Specialist

In addition to the duties described for the Outpatient Dietitian, provides medical nutrition therapy for outpatients in a specialty area (devotes more than 50% of time to this specialty):


related research.

D03: Associate Professor

Teaches undergraduate and/or graduate courses in food and nutrition related to area of expertise. Advises graduate and undergraduate students. Directs graduate student thesis/dissertation research. Plans and conducts nutrition or food-related research.

D04: Professor

Teaches undergraduate and/or graduate courses in food and nutrition related to area of expertise. Advises graduate and undergraduate students. Directs graduate student thesis/dissertation research. Establishes a nutrition or food- related research program.

D05: Administrator, Higher Education

Provides leadership in the development and evaluation of academic curricula, activities, and programs. Leads and facilitates strategic planning process for the college. Facilitates faculty appointment, promotion, tenure, and salary decisions. Requires doctorate degree.

D06:  Didactic Program Director

Assesses, plans, implements, and evaluates dietetics curriculum to meet and


B02: Allergy

B03: Cardiac rehabilitation B04: Diabetes

B05: Eating disorders


B10: Home Care Dietitian


B06: Oncology B07: Pediatrics B08: Renal

B09: Weight management


maintain ACEND standards. Develops program information for potential and current students. Assures that educational competencies are included in appropriate courses. Recruits, advises, and counsels dietetic students. May teach undergraduate and graduate courses.

D07: Dietetic Internship Director


Provides nutrition services to patients in a home care setting. Consults with case managers and physicians on screening and assessment of patients.

Monitors and evaluates nutrition care of high-risk patients.


Assesses, plans, implements, and evaluates dietetic internship program to meet and maintain ACEND standards. Coordinates and directs staff involved in the program. Plans and coordinates class and rotation schedules with staff and affiliation sites. May teach classes or perform other responsibilities separate from internship program.

D08: Research Dietitian

Collects data according to established protocols for research studies. Analyzes, interprets, and summarizes diet records and other research data. May supervise personnel and manage operational aspects of research program. May participate in grant and protocol writing and design.






E01: WIC Nutritionist

Contributes to the development, implementation, and evaluation of the nutrition education component of the WIC program. Provides nutrition therapy and education for WIC clients. Offers technical assistance to WIC staff. May provide supervision and training for WIC staff.

E02: Public Health Nutritionist

Contributes to the planning, development, coordination, and evaluation of public health nutrition programs. Assesses community nutritional needs and develops related standards and services. May counsel patients on normal and therapeutic nutrition. May provide supervision and training for public health department staff.

E03: Cooperative Extension Educator/Specialist

Develops, implements, and evaluates educational programs and materials addressing family and community needs. Conducts family and consumer educational programs. Responds to general, family, consumer, food safety, food, and nutrition questions. May involve a faculty appointment to an affiliated university.

E04: School/Child Care Nutritionist

Plans, develops, and implements school and childcare nutrition programs and resources. Monitors and evaluates menus and foodservice programs.

Consults with parents and school leaders on nutritional needs of high-risk children.

E05: Corrections Dietitian

Plans, directs, and coordinates food and nutrition services for inmates. Monitors and evaluates menus for normal and therapeutic diets. Provides diet instructions for inmates. May supervise and train foodservice personnel.

E06: Nutrition Coordinator for Head Start Program

Designs and implements nutrition programs that meet the nutritional needs and feeding requirements of each child. Provides counseling to parents of children at nutritional risk. Plans menus and special meals. May supervise foodservice operations.

E07:   Nutritionist for Food Bank or Assistance Program Performs client nutrition assessments and follow-ups, and refers and advocates for clients to other service providers. Conducts nutrition education

workshops for clients, staff, and community groups. Monitors and evaluates

nutritional content and quality assurance of food products. May supervise and train staff.


F01: Executive-level Professional

Plans, controls, and directs services/operations for multiple departments, product lines, or facilities. Accountable for quality of services, financial results, and achievement of organizational objectives.

F02:   Director of Food and Nutrition Services

Plans, coordinates, and evaluates the personnel and activities of the food and nutrition services department. Directs food and equipment purchasing.

Manages budget and human resource needs of staff. Develops and implements department policies and procedures.

F03: Director of Clinical Nutrition

Directs administrative and clinical operations of the clinical nutrition services department, providing leadership and oversight to ensure quality and effective clinical nutrition services. Directs the activities of all departmental personnel and programs. Determines resource needs and oversees departmental operational and capital budgets. Oversees department's performance improvement activities in accordance with organizational and regulatory agency requirements.

F04: Clinical Nutrition Manager

Plans, organizes, and manages clinical nutrition services. Recruits, trains, supervises, and evaluates clinical nutrition staff. Develops and implements policies and procedures. Manages human resources and budget. May also perform duties of a patient services manager.

F05: Assistant Foodservice Director

Manages daily operations of foodservice department. Directs and supervises the preparation and service of food. Recruits, trains, supervises, and evaluates foodservice staff. Assists in managing budget.


F06: School Foodservice Director

Develops, implements, and maintains the foodservice program in a school setting. Directs and monitors food procurement and storage, and food production, assembly, and service to students. Plans menus to meet required nutritional standards and student acceptance.

F07: Dietetic Technician, Foodservice Management

Oversees meal production, service, and delivery. Manages employee orientation, training, performance evaluations, scheduling, and assignment of tasks. Assures compliance with standards, policies, and procedures.



G01: Private Practice Dietitian— Patient/Client Nutrition Care Provides medical nutrition therapy or wellness, fitness, or sports nutrition counseling for individuals or groups in a private practice setting or healthcare

provider’s office.

G02: Consultant — Community and/or Corporate Programs Provides food and nutrition consultation services for community-based programs, such as meal programs, day care centers, or group homes.

Develops and implements wellness events and programs for communities

and/or corporations.

G03: Consultant — Communications

Develops food and nutrition-related communications for consumer and/or professional audiences. May include writing speeches and presentations, developing nutrition education materials, programs, and nutrition content for Web sites, recipe development; and public speaking to consumer and health professional audiences.

G04: Sales Representative

Sells product and/or service. Establishes and maintains accounts with clients. Employed by pharmaceutical, medical/nutritional, food, or foodservice equipment or supplies company.

G05: Public Relations and/or Marketing Professional

Provides food and nutrition expertise in researching, designing, developing, implementing, and managing public relations and/or marketing programs for clients. May serve as a consultant or be employed by a PR agency, association, industry, or other organization/agency.

G06: Corporate Dietitian

Provides nutrition and food information to customers and company employees; develops brochures, recipes, web site material, and promotional materials; organizes and attends special events, such as health fairs, trade shows, or media events. Employed by grocery retailer or other food-related company.

G07: Research & Development Nutritionist

Develops recipes/products and marketing materials related to products; advises on Nutrition Facts panels and nutrient content/health claims; provides technical and written resources; designs research studies; analyzes and interprets nutrient research. May serve as a consultant or be employed by food, commodity, or medical/nutritional industry.

G08: Manager of Nutrition Communications

Responsibilities may include managing nutrition education and nutrition marketing programs; developing, producing, and distributing nutrition communications; providing support and guidance to other areas of the organization. May include supervisory functions.

G09: Director of Nutrition

Responsibilities may include developing and executing the nutritional strategy of the company; tracking nutrition trends; identifying business opportunities; serving as company-wide resource on issues related to nutrition; representing the organization on nutritional and health committees and at meetings; managing a budget and staff.



000: Other Position Not Listed