The Caviart Group is committed to ensuring that every project with which we are associated meets the standards and principals defined in The Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education (the Code) prepared by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices. While this code was prepared to address educational tests, we believe that all tests and test takers benefit from the application of these standards.

The Code addresses the role of test developers and test users separately. Test users are people who select tests, commission test development services, or make decisions on the basis of the test scores. Test developers are people who actually construct tests as well as those who set policies for particular testing programs.

The Code presents standards for educational test developers and users in four areas:

  • Developing/Selecting Tests
  • Interpreting Scores
  • Striving for Fairness
  • Informing Test Takers

Organizations, institutions, and individual professionals who endorse the Code commit themselves to safeguarding the rights of test takers by following the principles listed. The Code is intended to be consistent with the relevant parts of the Standards for Educational and Physiological Testing (AERA, APA, NCME, 1985). However, the Code differs from the Standards in that the Code is meant to be understood by the general public. The Code is not meant to add new principles over and above those in the Standards or to change the meaning of the Standards. The goal is rather to represent the spirit of a selected portion of the Standards in a way that is meaningful to test takers.

The Code has been developed by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices, a cooperative effort of several professional organizations that has as its aim the advancement, in the public interest, of the quality of testing practices. The Joint Committee was initiated by the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education. In addition to these three groups, The American Association for Counseling and Development/Association for Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association are now also sponsor of the Joint Committee.