The Caviart Group understands that every organization faces unique challenges in their credentialing programs. Unlike certification companies that try to fit every program into their mold, The Caviart Group does not believe that one size fits all.  Instead, we draw on our 30+ years of experience in certification and licensure testing to create and implement programs that meet the unique needs of each client, with a creative, problem-solving approach and an uncompromising commitment to quality to ensure the long term success of every project we undertake. Whether you want to create growth, facilitate change or solve your organization's biggest challenges, we can help.

The Caviart Group is a certification and testing consulting company with extensive experience in managing large and complex national and international projects.  The principals have more than 60 years of combined experience in creating and managing professional credentialing programs and in designing, developing, and administering occupational and professional examinations.  They have been responsible for the examination of more than one million candidates in the U.S. and abroad in both paper-and-pencil and computer-based formats.

The company’s broad service categories include credentialing and assessment services such as job analyses; examination design, development and delivery; and business consulting services including market feasibility studies, strategic planning, new program design/development and program marketing.

The principals have conceived, developed and grown several very successful national and international credentialing and licensure programs from the ground up and are uniquely qualified and experienced with both traditional and cutting-edge technology.

What sets us apart from the competition?


  • The Breadth and Depth of Our Experience

  • Our Uncommon Creativity and Vision

  • A History of Innovation and Industry Leadership

  • An Impeccable Reputation

  • Unbelievable Dedication and Attention to Every Client

  • We go beyond the traditional consultant role to become your long-term advisor and partner. Join Us.




  • Market Feasibility Studies

  • Credential Program Design and Development

  • Job/Task Analysis

  • SME Recruitment

  • Test Design and Development

  • Item Banking

  • Test Delivery

  • Standard Setting

  • Psychometric Analysis